Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Ten questions for last weeks college football?

Sorry for the delay in this week’s questions but I have been out of town working with very little free time. I know, stupid work.

Well here we go.....

1.) Did Coach Myers leave Tebow in to long last week against Kentucky?

2.) Could Eric Norwood really be a Heisman finalist?

3.) After this week, most Non BCS schools are done playing the big boys so who deserves to be in the top 10 more TCU/ Boise State?

4.) Will Willy Korn transfer after this season?

5.) Is VT now the best team in the ACC, I can’t figure out the ACC, somebody please tell me who is good and who sucks?

6.) Does Iowa have a shot at the national championship game, they play Michigan at home and OSU on the road, after that the schedule looks mighty easy?

7.) Who is more over Hyped --- Jimmy Clausen or Jevan Sneed?

8.) Are you excited about the new bowl game called the Yankee Bowl, pitting the # 4 Big East team vs. #7 team from the Big 12? Does the Big East have 4 teams?

9.) Does South Carolina deserve to be in the top ten, if so at what poll position?

10.) Better upset, USC over Ole Miss , Oregon over Cal or Iowa over Penn State?


Flounder said...

1. No - if it was the 4th Q then I would say yes.

2. I wish but it is hype right now as a offensive guy always gets the glory evn if the defense wins championships.

3. BSU

4. YES

5. VT is the best and the rest are average. UVa and Maryland are the worst out of the bunch. FSU, 'Canes and NCSU are getting stronger but can be beaten (see USF).

6. No as no one respects them.

7. Jevan

8. No. Maybe if it was the Redneck bowl.

9. No but they do deserve to be #24 in my book.

10. USC of course.

JR said...

1. No he always stays in about that long...
2. not yet but let him get a winning stop on tebow and a pic 6 to seal a win against bama and then we'll talk
3. Boise state ... TCU ha ha clemtech
4. WTF is Willy Corn, Willy P's cousin?
5. VT or NC state will make the most noise
6. no don't let beating Penn state fool you..
7. Both have backed up their hype i think they are both great...
8. i didn't know they had basketball bowl games?
9. no should be #15
10. USC over Ole Miss... by seasons end people will look back and say dam that was a good win by carolina... Ole Miss is about to go on a tear and might beat us to the punch on Bama look out...

LeakBrewerGator said...

1. No. Our offense was struggling mightily after the first quarter. Plus, our passing game has been off all season long. Tebow usually comes out in the fourth in games like that.

2. No. No defensive player will ever be a Heisman finalist unless he plays on both sides of the ball or returns kicks. There's just not enough media backing for a strictly defensive player.

3. Boise St. They manhandled an Oregon team with LeGarrette Blount that has gone on to beat Utah and Cal w/out Blount.

4. Who cares really?

5. VT is definitely the best in the ACC. VT, GT and Mia are the only good teams in the ACC. UNC, Clem, BC and FSU are all decent. The rest stink.

6. No. Kirk Ferentz will do something to screw it up. Plus their QB play is too erratic.

7. Clausen by a looooong mile. Pretty much everyone associated with Notre Dame is way overhyped.

8. Is this a real bowl? I don't believe it...

9. Not quite. Ole Miss was overrated and it showed in their first two games. SC definitely belongs in the top 25. I'd say in the 15-10 range.

10. Oregon over Cal. Out of the three teams that were upset, Cal was easily the most impressive heading into the week. Jahvid Best was a beast and their passing game was on point. Oregon shut all of that down and completely dominated every aspect of that game.

Moose said...


Oh the Yankee bowl is for real, I can't believe it, but the Big 12 and Big East will square off in Yankee stadium starting in 2010.