Tuesday, September 22, 2009

SEC Power Poll : Week 3 Ballot

Below is the Leftover Hotdog Ballot for Week 3:

1.  Flordia - UT exposed some weaknesses but it was the flu right?

2.  Bama - Saban has them back to their dominating ways.

3.  LSU - May not get style points for the way they win but it is winning.

4.  Ole Miss - Gut check time vs S. Carolina as we get to see what this team is all about.

5.  Georgia - Are they the Texas Tech of the SEC?  Another words - just offense and no defense.

6.  Auburn - Have not seen a tough opponent yet so hard to guage this team - are they a product of the scheduling or are they that good?

7. South Carolina - If they could play a full 60 mins on both sides of the ball they could be dangerous...will they step up vs Ole Miss?

8.  Tennessee - Exposed some weaknesses on UF's team but they have their own to worry about and passing is a big one.

9.  Arkansas - if it is true defense wins games then this team is in troblue as their defense bends in all the wrong places.

10.  Kentucky - they have a quaterback but what else?

11.  Mississippi State - A offensive genius (Dan Mullen) won with his defense.  Hey that is Spurrier's playbook!

12.  Vandy - This team forgot that to win you must score and it was MSU.....

1 comment:

PWT said...

I still think Auburn needs to play somebody before they move up on the rankings. Also Tenn will drop, Kiffen is scared to let Crompton throw the ball more then 5 yards down the field. if they get behind they are done.