Monday, September 21, 2009

Florida Atlantic at South Carolina Post-Game: Topics for Discussion

I am going to join in answering some questions Gamecock Man proposed over at the Garnet & Black Attack HERE.

1. How worried were you at the half?

Not too much as I knew the gamecocks would wear FAU down a bit and make some key halftime adjustments.  The 4 man front was a big key to slowing FAU down.  Don't get me wrong - I was highly frustrated as Coach Spurrier said best but somehow as a gamecocks fan we are kinda use to this.  Meaning we manage to allow lesser teams to linger when we should be able to run away easy.

2. Who should we be giving most of the carries to in our upcoming games?

I like the "running back by committee" approach so far and I say keep doing it because it is not broke.  Maddox can pound it out, Giles does good things and Miles ran with something to prove.  Not to mention Sherman who has blazing speed (NEEDS TO BE A PR or KR) and Eric Baker who is not forgotten.  Mixing it up and keeping fresh legs is a luxury so let's use it to our advantage for now.

3. Seriously, what's wrong with the kickoff coverage?

God where do you start.  From short kicks to arm tackles.  It is a perfect case study for bad playing right now.  Someone made the comment in my section last night that they thought they would miss Ryan Succop greatly but come to find out they miss Ray Rychleski more.  I agree with that and now understand why he was hired away by the Colts in the NFL.  He is good. 
We just need to do a better job of staying in our lanes and hitting people.  I think we will progress or at least I hope b/c if we don't well it will be a huge letdown.

4. Are you happy with Stephen Garcia?

Oh yeah.  What a difference time can make.  This kid is growing up in front of us and becoming a leader and becoming what Spurrier envisioned when he recruited him.  The biggest thing besides the nice stats so far is he is not making dumb mistakes.  He has stopped throwing in double coverage, can read a defense and listens to the coaching staff.  He also does not try to run when the pocket closes in on him.  He steps up in the pocket much like he has done the first 3 games - stepped up.

5. Should we be worried that we gave up 300 yards to Florida Atlantic?

I say no.  Defense made corrections that shut them down.  Keep in mind we did not have Ladi, Pepper or Whitlock.  Not to mention Stewart and Norwood didn't play the whole game.  I just want to see the defense play for 60 mins not here and there.  For the last 2 games we have seen spotty play.  Let's put a complete game together and show what this team is all about.

6. Despite the first half jitters, doesn't it feel great to handle a team like we did today?

I am a Carolina fan, so I just enjoy winning no matter how we get it done.  Also believe in Spurrier, with enough time he will get his job done.

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