Monday, September 21, 2009

10 questions for this week

Sound off on these....

1.) Is Southern Cal’s loss to Washington more devastating then there lost to Oregon State last year?
2.) Is Maryland the worst team in the ACC this year?
3.) Are you shocked and saddened that Myers and Tebow didn’t drop the hammer on Tennessee this past weekend?
4.) Would you be excited to see a rematch of FSU vs. Miami in the ACC championship?
5.) Is UGA going to run up the score to win every game this year, what happened to the Dawg’s defense.
6.) Better QB Ryan Mallet, Joe Cox, Stephen Garcia or Greg McElroy
7.) Does Auburn have a chance of winning the SEC West this season, or our we putting to much stock in there win against WVU.
8.) After this past weekend do you still believe that the Mountain West deserves a BCS Bid?
9.) Does Ole Miss deserve the #4 ranking this week in the polls?
10.) If the season ended today who get the Heisman Trophy?


Flounder said...

1. YES
2. I think UVa is the worst.
3. Actually I am. I was hoping to watch Tebow post 50 + on UT.
4. I think it would be a good game and good for the ACC.
5. It is surprising to see UGa playing a Texas Tech style game - who can score the most....
6. Tough question and I feel too early to tell. Let's watch this week and ask again. Right now I lean Joe Cox.
7. Auburn is a surprise but with Bama and LSU and Ole Miss...they will be fighting for 3rd place.
8. Nope
9. Nope.
10. Best out of Cali has my vote if the season ended on week 3.

JR said...

1. not sure because this one was expected... at least by JR
2. maybe the country
3. yes i expected 70 points
4. sure but would rather see Miami play someone else
5. they are going to have to it seems
6. I'll take Garcia
7. more stock but look out Iron Bowl we might have an upset game in the making never did see my posts one the top 10 the previous weeks
9.yes because it will move us in
the top 20 easy
10. Jacory Harris

General Malaise said...

1. It should be, but something tells me Southern Cal will have to lose another one to knock them out of the national title game for good.

2. I think Virginia is probably much worse, but we'll have to wait until October 17 to know for sure.

3. Not especially. For some reason I was skeptical of Florida's ability to produce a blowout on demand. I kept hearing George Patton's quote all week: if everyone is thinking alike, then somebody isn't thinking.

4. An ACC Championship game people would want to watch? That would be great and something the ACC desperately needs.

5. No, although Joe Cox is certainly looking better than advertised; I don't know.

6. Right now: Cox, McElroy, Garcia, Mallett. Cox has beaten two of the others head to head. This list could be in the opposite order next week; there is still a lot of football to be played.

7. No, absolutely not. Even if the West wasn't stacked, Auburn doesn't have the team for a championship run. The win against WVU, while nice doesn't mean nearly as much as it once did.

8. Compared to the SEC, Big 12 and PAC-10? No. Compared to the Big 10, Big East and ACC? Maybe we should consider that.

9. No, but who does?

10. Colt McCoy, deservedly or not.