Thursday, September 24, 2009

5 Keys for a Gamecocks WIN vs The Rebels

Okay so you read HERE why I put Ole Miss on Upset Alert even if they are #4 in the US heading into this game.  And then you read my preview/prediction HERE so what is left? 

Well the LOHD 5 keys to victory that is and here goes those keys to a Carolina win tonight on ESPN at 7:45pm versus the Ole Miss Rebels.....

1.  USC Defense playing a full game --- from kickoff to the end, the Carolina Defense must lay it all out on the field tonight.  No letting up and no taking a play off.  Snead is good!  And the SC D must get pressure to him to force him to scramble and the secondary of Carolina must play smart.

2.  USC Special Teams - Kickoff Coverage --- SC can not allow Ole Miss to have easy field position due to poor kicks, bad coverage or missed tackles.  Let's don't let this been are downfall again (see UGa).

3.  USC Offensive Line has to play Big --- The O Line of Carolina has seen a lot from NC State to UGA but Ole Miss is a different animal.  They are the best D this line will have faced thus far and it is time to step up for Carolina.  Having Kyle Nunn may help with some depth but really it is up to the lineman to step up and protect Garcia while opening some holes for the running backs.

4.  Garcia and the Deep Ball --- Gotta be on the same page today with the WRs/TEs and connect on some long passes.  This will keep the Ole Miss Rebels honest on defense but also provide confidence to the offensive unit.

5.  Gamecocks must have 3rd down Success on both sides --- Ole Miss proven tough on defense when it is 3rd down but the Carolina offense must overcome this and move the ball.  Moving the ball keeps Snead off the field and keeps the Carolina D rested.  The flip-side is that the Carolina D must shut down the Ole Miss Rebels when it comes to 3rd down.  I hope to see lots of 3 and outs for Ole Miss.

What did I miss?  I still stick with my predicted upset score of Carolina 27 - Rebels 23

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{photo credit - Mrs. Flounder of LOHD}

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