Thursday, September 03, 2009

5 Keys to a Gamecocks win vs NCSU Wolfpack

It is game day!
Wow, time goes quick but so glad that it is here today....

Tonight is a tie-breaker game as the USC vs NCSU series record is 26-26-4.

LOHD gave its' NCSU Preview HERE earlier but let's go one more step and talk about the 5 keys to gamecocks victory tonight. Many of you know that for several years now, LOHD issues "5 keys to a gamecock win" here goes....

1. Limiting NCSU’s Wilson with strong play from the USC D line - not rocket science here. NCSU QB Wilson must limited in this game both in his ability to run and his ability to connect with receivers. The USC D line must get after him like last year or get hands in his face.

2. USC winning the TO and ball position game - USC can not hurt themselves tonight. USC can not be fumble prone, bad snaps or Garcia connecting with the wrong team. Flip side of this is USC's defensive needs to get the loose balls, cause a fumble and get a INT. Oh and the special teams needs to limit the return team of NCSU and no pouch kicks.

3. USC’s QB having success through the air on a suspect NCSU secondary - Well Garcia, time to prove your game today. We need you to step up, be accurate and play smart football. Lead this team today.

4. USC’s O Line keeping NCSU’s McKeen and Young out of the USC backfield - USC's Off Line gets a great test early. Stopping a good NCSU front line that is hungry. I hope Coach Wolford has the right game plan today to keep USC's running game moving and keep NCSU out of the backfield.

5. Gamecocks must play with "fire in their belly" - I have been saying this for years now. I want to see the gamecocks play lights out, play with heart and determination, play with insanity, wear the gamecock uniform with pride and show the doubters that the gamecocks are for real in '09.


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