Wednesday, August 26, 2009

QB ranking by CFN

CFN has ranked the top 25 QB for the 2009

Do you agree with these rankings?

25 Best Quarterbacks
1. Tim Tebow, Sr., Florida
2. Colt McCoy, Sr. Texas
3. Sam Bradford, Jr. Oklahoma
4. Terrelle Pryor, Soph., Ohio State
5. Jevan Snead, Jr., Ole Miss
6. Dan LeFevour, Sr., Central Michigan
7. Todd Reesing, Sr. Kansas
8. Colin Kaepernick, Jr., Nevada
9. Robert Griffin, Soph. Baylor
10. Zac Robinson, Sr. Oklahoma State
11. Juice Williams, Sr., Illinois
12. Case Keenum, Jr., Houston
13. Max Hall, Sr. BYU
14. Daryll Clark, Sr., Penn State
15. Matt Grothe, Sr., South Florida
16. Russell Wilson, Soph., NC State
17. Jeremiah Masoli, Jr., Oregon
18. Rusty Smith, Sr. Florida Atlantic
19. Tyrod Taylor, Jr., Virginia Tech
20. Kellen Moore, Soph., Boise State
21. Jake Locker, Jr., Washington
22. Tim Hiller, Sr., Western Michigan
23. Corey Leonard, Jr. Arkansas State
24. Jimmy Clausen, Jr. Notre Dame
25. Andy Schmitt, Sr., Eastern Michigan


Wolves for life said...

I don't think Terrelle Pryor belongs in the top 10, he is an unproven QB that plays a week ass schedule. Also the Big 12 is flowing over with QB talent again this year.

Anonymous said...

I'm proud to see that Ryan Mallett has been left off the list. The temptation to predict his ability to walk on water in Petrino's offence seems rampant in the preseason hype-world. Let him prove it. I, for one, am pulling for him. But I'm not one to start counting unhatched chickens.

Moose said...

anonymous, I totally agree, reading the Arkansas Democrat Gazette, you would think that Ryan Mallett is the 2nd coming of Matt Jones. I was reading a blog on from some of the sports writers in Fayetteville and Little Rock, and most are predicting 9-3 and playing Florida in the SEC Championship. Arkansas does have a tough SEC east schedule this year playing UGA, UF and USC. Mallett has the potential to be great in the Petrino offense, but unproven against SEC Defenses.

I guess we will have to wait and see

The Dead Guy said...

No way you can put Pryor in above Snead. You can argue the order but not the contents of the top 3 until you're blue in the face.

Moose said...

what would Tim Tebow Do?

Anonymous said...

Boise state fan here. Like pretty much everyon on the list except pryor and kapernick from nevada. They are both the definition of over rated hype. Moore will move up a lot of lists after this season.

The real deal said...

Jake Locker has the potential to be a great QB, except he plays for Washington, which sucks. Matt Grothe has been at South Florida for the past 10 years it seems like, so I am glad to see him on the list as well. Jimmy Clausen shouldn't even be on the list, he is a no talent ass clown, just like Brady Quinn.