Monday, August 24, 2009

Gamecocks & Bud Light

Has anyone seen the "gamecocks fan can" or gamecock bud light?

The "fan can" design is the latest marketing gimmick from Anheuser-Busch. You can find them in Columbia, SC. Some people say they'll encourage underage and binge drinking which is just dumb to try and connect but whatever.

I know one could say that is not garnet but give them credit for trying. Heck, one might even say not good timing LOHD to bring this up after Geathers and Balkman with alcohol related incidents....but you are missing the point. Well, speaking of that issue...I wonder if they were drinking Gamecock bud light?

The WSJ did a story on this "fan can" and its relation to the possibility of binge drinking or underage drinking - HERE. And Columbia TV station WIS did a story on this also - HERE.

Thoughts? Good idea or bad idea from Anheuser-Busch? Who is bringing gamecock bud light to the first game?

(h/t: and pics to his credit)

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