Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Time for Eric Baker..

LOHD in July stated that USC running back Eric Baker is the real deal and the hidden gem of the offense. Well, now it is time to give him the ball.
The next two games are a perfect time for reps for Garcia and Baker. I would start Mike Davis but then yeild to the most reps being given to Maddox and Baker this week. Eric Baker has the speed to create and can line up in the slot to create a mis-match (when done against UGA he got a 16 yard pass). Davis is averaging around 4.7 yards per carry this season which is good but we need some break away speed in the backfield.

Heck, go to a 2 QB system with Garcia rotating in for design plays. I agree Smelley has earned another start but we need innovation on offense. Let's use Garcia and Baker to our advantage and let's get those guys some reps. Garcia can be used much like a "Hog scheme" or "06 Tebow" or maybe a option play with Garcia/Baker? Point is the offense needs to be creative and get some big plays to re-energize not only the team but the fan base.

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JR said...

Its time for the "Merriweather effect"... the More Baker and Maddox develop the less playing time Davis will receive. Davis has been a decent back for us but the UGA fumble was unforgivable.

Merriweather Effect- Back in 2004, Reggie Merriweather was Clemson’s most veteran returning RB, however as soon as James Davis (in 2005) and CJ Spiller(in 2006) came in, he was quickly an afterthought, and hardly played in his senior season.