Monday, September 15, 2008

The Real Big Ben

It seems like yesterday we were all in amazement watching how much Big Ben could lift in Coach T's class. Now I'm surfing the net and low and behold who do i see... Why its Benjamin Watson representing the Hill, NW all over the place!
Here's to you Ben and Northwestern for the ars pounding they put on Rock Hill 20-0 last Friday night.


give us all the facts said...

some more info is that the game which is always heated and always has conference and state implications is that it is considered one of the greatest American rivalry games. don't trust me... check the link.

also the already highly recruited Justin Worley was 19-37-226-1. Not to shabby against one of the states top defenses and considering he is only a sophomore.

Moose said...

It’s not every day you get a coach T reference on the blog. good stuff JR. Willie P graduated from Northwestern with a Weightlifting and PE degree. I am sure that was one of coach T's proudest moments.