Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Time to throw down some bills

This story has nothing to do with sports or South Carolina football, but I thought it was a pretty good story.

Showgirl and men's magazine model Raffella Fico, 20, told an Italian magazine: "I can't wait to see who's going to pull out the money to have me."

Raffella is selling her Virginity to buy a house in Rome and take acting classes. When her family was asked how she could still be a virgin, they said "She's never had a boyfriend. I swear on my mother's grave. She's a devout Catholic and prays to Padre Pio every night," her brother told the magazine.

Raffella isn’t the first person to sell their virginity for money, a 18 year old San Diego college student told Howard Stern last year that she would sell it for 1 million dollars to pay off her college debts.

Something to think about if you have some extra cash laying around. It would probably be cheaper to just watch porn on the internet but what fun is that.


Charlestowne said...

Sounds like someone is going to spend a lot of money for bad sex. She's hot, though.

big daddy K said...

I think we have all thrown down a good bit of money for bad sex. It is called a first date.

Brett's unborn Kid said...

And you never know when that bad sex is going to change a life ehh pappa Plyler?