Monday, July 07, 2008

USC Baseball Team has a new Associate Coach

USC baseball coach Ray Tanner announced today that Chad Holbrook will succeed Monty Lee as the Gamecocks' associate head coach and recruiting coordinator.

This is great news for USC baseball and LOHD welcomes Mr. Lee to the Gamecock Family !


Anonymous said...

With Holbrook directing USC’s recruiting, and the new ballpark serving as the bait, I believe the talent level on USC will rise rapidly over the next few seasons. The 2009 class will start the trend (thank you Monte Lee) and continue to get better.

Golden Spur said...

Holbrook will be the next coach of USC when Tanner steps down in 5 yrs. That was the deal that was worked out.

Holbrook wants to be a HC so bad but wants to be at a good program. Ray wants to be a AD. The UNC coach has said he was going to coach 10 more yrs.

You heard it here first....Holbrook will be next coach at USC when Tanner steps down in 5yrs.