Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Best Football Coaches in SEC --- Spurrier ranked Sixth

Do you agree that Spurrier is the sixth (6th) best football coach in the SEC? The Tennessee Journalist ranks and explains it - HERE.

Here is their list with no explanations, again go HERE to view their reasoning:

1. Les Miles (LSU)
2. Urban Meyer (Florida)
3. Tommy Tuberville (Auburn)
4. Nick Saban (Alabama)
5. Mark Richt (Georgia)
6. Steve Spurrier (South Carolina)
7. Bobby Petrino (Arkansas)
8. Phillip Fulmer (Tennessee)
9. Houston Nutt (Ole Miss)
10. Rich Brooks (Kentucky)
11. Sylvester Croom (Mississippi State)
12. Bobby Johnson (Vanderbilt)



Anonymous said...

this is crap...any list that has Bobby J last is crap. Rich Brooks should be last.

Anonymous said...

WHy?? Vandy sucks and will always scuk. Look what rich brooks has down with a basketball school!!! He has turned that program around and give everyone something to cheer for when basketball isnt being played. Remember they beat lsu last year and should of beat florida. I think nutt, bobby p and bobby j should be at the bottom. I like croom and thinks alabama made a huge mistake not getting him.

dark-y said...

Bobby P at #7 that is BS...he has not even coached a SEC game yet!

That list is crap!