Monday, July 07, 2008

It is tough being a gamecock...

We have played a total of 114 seasons since 1892, and the numbers only reinforce the idea that being a Gamecock fan takes years off your life.

We have 53 winning seasons, 51 losing seasons, and 10 years at .500 since our start. Even more mind boggling is the point differential for all games played. We've outscored our opponents by 539 points (18,311 to 17,772) in the 1,088 games played in our history. That is an average game score of 16.8 to 16.3, in USC's favor.

Check the link for the numbers -HERE

But as stated before on LOHD, we truly believe that Spurrier (given time) will right this ship and take USC to uncharted territory (SEC Champs).

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