Sunday, July 13, 2008

Bless his heart...

Is what my mother would say! Let me explain, when people would say or do things that were stupid or she did not agree with my mother would say this. She also would say those three words to avoid saying something bad about a person, so my mother would say in response to the article below - "bless his heart."

LOHD has already shared that we truly do not like Bart Wright and his writings with the orange love fest all over is his latest writing in the Greenville News -
LOHD would ask that you read the following in response to Mr. Wright as we will let prior writings explain our thoughts - HERE and HERE and HERE and HERE and HERE - as this is reality!

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Flounder said...

you may see some changes on the right as we are putting up the links to those who partcipate in the SEC Power Poll. This will be LOHD's second year being a part of this group. So make sure to visit our friends !