Saturday, July 19, 2008

Does your face need some cleaning up???!!!

I understand some of us look better with beards. Some of our faces are shaped so that a well-kept beard has a very distinguished and refined look. I too have grown the occasional winter vacation beard or have gone a few days without shaving. That being said, I do not oppose a guy with a beard. I have a buddy who has not had a clean shaven face since 1996. I have also seen pictures of he without a beard and realize there is a reason he has a beard. Hank Williams, Jr. has had beard ever since an accident where his face was torn off. And come on, Santa Claus without a beard is like lamb with no tuna fish. Now, I do believe if one is to grow a beard, he needs to keep it under check. Once a week, a good trimming is necessary to keep growth under control.

In addition to trimming, edging is even more important. Keeping a clean-shaven straight line above the adam's apple is very important in keeping a neat, well-kept look. One would also want to keep a trimmed edge along the cheek bone. Phillips Norelco makes a great product that is inexpensive and will do the job in maintaining a beard. Go buy one, put it to use and your lady friend will be much appreciative.

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