Friday, July 18, 2008

No Grease for Captain Munnerlyn

On The State's website there is this we could not help but laugh when we read this......
Spurrier and his staff were tied in knots this past season trying to figure out why Captain Munnerlyn seemed to cramp up late in games. Unable to put a finger on it, they decided to ship him to Chicago this summer for a full workup.
The verdict: Grease.
“Embarrassing to say, we as coaches have not taught him how to eat properly,” Spurrier said. “They checked him out and said, “You need to stop eating fried food all the time.’“Hopefully Captain will eat the way we ask him to eat.”

So there you have it more grease-y food for Captain and no more trips to Church's Chicken and Mrs. Peachez will not be happy to hear this!

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