Tuesday, January 08, 2008

No more BIG 10 teams in the BCS

There are curtains things in life that are guaranteed, taxes, and death have always been the most obvious , but now I think we can add Ohio State losing to the SEC in bowl games. Again and again they try and say the Big 10 is the best football conference, and Ohio State is the ring leader, well I think Les Miles disproved that theory last night. Just like last year Ohio State came out ready to play, scoring quickly. Building a 10 point lead in the first quarter I thought maybe Ohio State was ready to compete with the SEC, but of course they weren’t. They said speed was the difference, but I am going to go out on a limb and say better players and better coaching is the big difference. How nice would it be if the winner of last nights game could play the winner of USC/ Georgia for a real National championship.

So my question to the loyal readers of LOHD is which SEC team will beat OSU in a bowl game next year? Will it be the national championship game, or has the BCS learned there lesion about putting the Big 10 in the Big Game.


Crummy said...

You can't argue with the fact that Ohio State loses bowl games against the SEC, but don't tell me how LSU beat Ohio State up and down the field. Actually, the numbers don't justify that as the Bucks had more total yards than the Tigers. Anyway, don't forget that this is Ohio State's rebuilding year.

As far as Georgia is concerned, what a hoax. They must be big and bad and should have played in the title game, I mean look at how they beat Hawaii. That Hawaii team is remarkable and UGA beat the crap out of them, the Dawgs must be good. Oh wait, they didn't even play in the SEC Championship game. It appears that the SEC Championship game is the real national title game, am I right? What a shame Georgia couldn't have played in that game, then they could have had a shot at the national title, I guess Tennessee should have been in the running for the title.

big timer said...


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