Tuesday, January 08, 2008

2008 Preseason College Football Rankings

Thanks Rivals.com for being the first out of the gate with a 2008 Preseason Poll. I know it is way to early to predict with signing day around the corner and some teams still have players waiting to decide to go pro but it is still interesting to look at and think about.

POLL HERE ---Check out who is # 24 and don't believe that #10 ranking. I think this poll will change a whole lot by the start of two-a-days.

Any thoughts going into 08 or concerning this poll?


Anonymous said...

Don't believe #24. Check out #10.

Anonymous said...

why not clemson is very good and has most starters coming back

Anonymous said...

LSU is still the Team to beat!!

QB R.Perriloux 6-3 230 4.5 40, better passer & runner than M.Flynn.
Returning RBs K.Williams, C.Scott, T.Holliday and R.Murphy in the backfield. Quinn Johnson will be back to block for them at FB. The OL will return the top 4 starters and 9 of the top 10 backups! They only lose C.Stewart, who wasnt that great anyway !!

the Only receiver we are losing is Doucet who missed 7 games anyway, but the next 7 WR after him are returning including Byrd, Lafell, Tolliver and the Mitchells(Chris and Jared) plus the addition of Ricky Dixon and Deangelo Benton.
also the top TE Dickson is returning as well as 4 other great pass catching TEs.

the DL will hurt with Dorsey gone, but everyone else returns, plus we get C.Alexander back and the country will learn who Jean-Francois is and about D.Nevis and Al Woods. the LB corps will be just as athletic and the MLB Beckwith is quietly one of the best ILB in the country. the CBs positions loses both corners but you will learn that the backups are super athletes in J.Eugene, C.Hawkins, P.Jones and the No 1 CB recruit in the nation, Pat Johnson. the safeties only lose C.Steltz who was limited athletically anyway but keep the other top 4 DBs in Chad Jones (a superster), Curtis Taylor, Harry Coleman (my BCS game MVP) and Danny McCray, plus all other backups.

Yes LSU loses some key contributors but they will be more talented next season and just as dangerous as USC, Georgia, Florida or any other team

Anonymous said...

Yea why are you so surprised to see clemson there. On paper they are one of the top five teams next year but you know they will at least lose one so u have to put them a little farther down.