Friday, September 21, 2007

Keys to a Win at LSU for the Gamecocks

USC has won six straight games dating back to last year to match the third-longest winning streak in the 114-year history of the football program (which is above 500 now thanks to SC State). So it is unlikely the Tigers (10 game winning streak) are overlooking the Gamecocks and LSU has outscored their first three opponents 137-7.

Everyone doubts a USC win and everyone talks about LSU speed and defense. Which I agree is amazing and LSU is the number team in the land. Think about this - The last time LSU went through a game without recording a sack was Oct. 29, 2005, 22 games ago. Oh yeah, again they have outscored their opponents 137-7....that means LSU has allowed an average of 2.3 points in three games. One word - Wow.

But I am telling you there is a chance for a Gamecock win. So what does it take to win against LSU?? Here are my keys to victory which must be excuted to perfection to win:
  • USC Offense must Step Up -- Carolina must remain perfect in red zone, for all their offensive inconsistency, USC is perfect inside the 20-yard line, going 11 for 11 with eight TDs. That must continue and the passing game must work. For what has been the key of the offense, the run game, to have success the passing game has to play at its' best against LSU. We need WR to block downfield during run plays not to mention the line has to act like men against a big LSU line and create holes for Boyd/Davis to run through. We also need another WR to step up and have a 'stellar' game...McKinnley can not do it all as he will be shadowed the whole game until someone else proves themselves. Blake has to have a career game....period.
  • USC Defense must keep LSU's Offense in check -- USC may face multiple QB's scenarios from LSU but USC must stick to the game plan and do what they do best. Our defense must get stops when it counts and don't give up big yards. No giving up and no relaxing on 3rd and 10. Gamecock defense needs to create TO's and knock down passes. Our defense will be tested but let's try to limit LSU to making FGs the whole game. Keep it close and we have a chance. Also it would be wise to win the clock mangament game...another words let's move the ball on offense and get some defensive stops so LSU offense is off the field.
  • No Stupid Plays --- No dumb penalites on USC's part (Carlos Thomas are you listening) and USC must play a mistake free game to have a chance. If LSU makes a mistake we must pounce on it and take advantage; but let's not hurt ourselves in this game b/c let's be honest the Gamecocks need all the help they can get.
  • Special Teams must shine -- I know that for every game I suggest this as a key but it can be and is. To win this game we need a big play and we need Succop to be perfect in all he does from punts to FGs. Also LSU has speed on their return units that must be contained. Let's translate...USC needs to tackle when kicking and recieving we need to block and run fast. We need to win the field position game.
  • Gut check time -- For Carolina...yes if we lose we still have a chance for a SEC crown but that does not mean give up when losing. LSU could jump out to a quick 14-0 lead and USC can not hang their heads low. Now is the time...Carpe Diem...boys. A win here can go a long way and be a big win for the USC program.

What is your prediction? I know USC is a big underdog here but I feel we have a chance especially if we can keep it close. IF we do all the right things and don't hurt ourselves and give up big plays ---we have a chance. The Gamecocks need luck, determination and answered prayers to win. I hope this game is just like UGA - ugly but a nail-biting win...Carolina 24-23.

Let's hope I am right.............

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