Monday, September 17, 2007

Burnt Bun of the week

It is time for you to vote on the Burnt bun of the week, for player, team, coach or tailgating idoit that messed up, just pissed you off or whatever else there is.

1.) SC state and all there penalties, making the game last forever, 14 penalties for 95 yards.

2.) Xavier Littleberry talking shit all week about getting sacks, then not doing a thing during the game. Good job.

3.) Tim Tebow kissing his roommate and teammate on the cheek on the sideline during the UT game.

4.) USC band for getting beat down by the marching 101 on the field.

5.) Freddie Brown getting dropping a TD pass in the end zone on Saturday.


General Malaise said...

Mark me down for Freddie Brown. Other than the TD drop I can remember atleast one other drop against SC State, and I think I remember a drop against U-La-La.

A-Dubs said...

I would say our band, we looked bad compared to theirs!

General Malaise said...

I am not concerned with the Band, Cheerleaders, sod type or anything else not directly bearing on football.

Delenda est Clemson.