Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Gamecocks 12th man?

Although only 73,095 fans showed up at Williams-Brice Stadium Saturday night, they did enough to bother the South Carolina State offense as the Bulldogs were hit with 14 penalties for 98 yards. In the Greenville News Sunday the SC State team pointed to crowd noise as the cause of some mistakes. I say that is great news and yes at time the crowd at Willy B was very loud. Here is how the article read -

"You have to bring in the crowd noise," said Bulldog quarterback Cleveland McCoy. "That played a factor. We didn't go over the silent count as much this week. You could kind of tell, as the game went on, that played an effect." "I can't take anything from USC's defense," said running back Will Ford. "But they ran their 12th man. That crowd was pumping us, making us jump offsides and false starts. The flags were killing us. It was rough. I couldn't hear the calls. I had to get all my signals from the sidelines and we couldn't hear snap counts so we had to go off Cleve's leg or the clap."

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