Thursday, August 23, 2007

Breaking news from Spurrier

Blake Mitchell has been suspended for the 1st game of the season.

Check out Spurriers website for more details

good god man, come on.


Moose said...

better website with story

Moose said...

also said that Smelly will be named the starter

Strom Thermos said...

USC starting quarterback Blake Mitchell is one of three players suspended for the Sept. 1 opener against Louisiana-Lafayette for excessive summer school absences.

Mitchell, tailback Bobby Wallace and cornerback Chris Hail all will sit out for violating the athletic department policy on class attendance. The players were among those held out of the Gamecocks’ first two practices because of the attendance issues.

Redshirt freshman Chris Smelley will start the opening game, according to Spurrier.

General Malaise said...

Here are my questions:

1. Blake was previously disallowed from some practices because of missed classes during the summer. Were these the same classes?

1a. If yes, why punish twice? Or if a double punishment was merited, why wait until now to announce?

1b. If no, how dumb is Blake to miss too many classes again?

2. Have you considered the possibility that HBC really is an evil genius?

Try this for a suggestion. Thinking fondly about Blake's flashes of brilliance last year and trying to avoid thinking of the other games (namely, Georgia), the HBC devised a plan to extract the most performance from his senior quarterback. Analyzing Blake's preformances against Georgia and Arkansas, his worst and best games, respectively, the HBC came across a possible second factor to explain Blake's inconsistency. Conventional wisdom suggests that Blake is a competent pocket passer who benefited from o-line protection against Arkansas and struggled without it against Georgia. But, it could be that Blake plays his worst when he is the entrenched starter (Georgia 2006, Sping Practice, Fall Practice 2007) and best when he is coming off suspension with something to prove (Arkansas, 2006).

Could it be that the evil genius has a plan? Could it?

Probably not, but would be nice if true.

3. If you don't buy that theory, is the whole thing about jealousy over Blake's much publicized dancing ability?

danny bored said...

i like point #2...