Friday, August 24, 2007

Another Gamecock gets arrested...

Another black eye for carolina!

Greenville News / AP reports:

University of South Carolina starting safety Emanuel Cook, who made the All-Southeastern Conference freshmen team last year, has been arrested on gun charges. Cook, 19, was charged with unlawful possession of a pistol at 9:30 p.m. last night along with another man, 21-year-old James Edward Gore III, according to a USC campus police report and the Alvin S. Glenn Detention Center. Gore was charged with carrying a concealable weapon in a restricted area, according to the Detention Center.

A USC officer was conducting surveillance operations when he saw two men with a gun in the parking lot on campus. After calling for backup, officers approached the two men and saw one of them “attempting to hide something” inside a 1999 silver Ford Crown Victoria, the police report said. A high point .380 pistol was found in the glove box of the car, as well as a loaded magazine on one of the two men, the report said.

USC coach Steve Spurrier said Cook had been suspended,
citing university policy.
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General Malaise said...

PK was talking about this on his afternoon talk show. The version of events he is hearing is that there was one gun, which was thrown in the car before the officer reached the pain. Further it was Emmanuel Cook who told the officer there was a gun in the car. (Presumedly as the response to the question "Do you boys have any weapons on you?")

This may not be as bad as it seems. Since the gun was in the car, but Emmanuel Cook was not, it might be more difficult for the police to prove possession. Ultimately, the police would probably get a conviction. That, coupled with the long time it might take, could induce an innocuous plea. In that case, there may be time for reinstatement to the team.

On a side note, these two should have an argument that the gun belonged to the other. To do so, it would be nice if they could bifurcate their trials. If there is conflicting testimony to that effect, a jury could reasonably find that the prosecution had not met their burden of beyond a reasonable doubt. Of course, we get into some implications of the Prisoner's dilemma when we start talking strategy like this.

Why don't we just have a booster bribe the non-football player to say the gun was his? Easy for everyone, right?

Anonymous said...

Boo. You lose.

Moose said...

Some body pay this Gore guy off with some quickness.