Tuesday, August 21, 2007

102 isn't football weather

Man I drove thru Campus today and good god the students are back. Just last week it only took me 10 minutes to get home from downtown, today it took me almost 25 minutes. I don’t know if the kids can’t drive or they are looking out there windows at all the hot coed’s moving around campus before classes start on Thursday.

It also means that football season is less then 2 weeks away and tailgating for University of Louisiana Ragin Cajuns is just around the corner. I was going to start the year off with some good tailgating stories as well as stories from road games. If any body would like to chime in and tell a good story please feel free too.

Sorry I have been away from the blog, but my work decided to block all blogs for some reason. Pretty much killed my day of reading about football.

I will release the first story some time tomorrow.

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