Monday, August 20, 2007

All in the name of equity...

Clemson University announced its 2008 football seat equity plan today. The plan will re-arrange some seating at Memorial Stadium to reward higher level donors with prime seats that previously were in control of donors at more modest levels. For example, several thousand prime tickets between the 40-yard lines are in the hands of IPTAY donors at the most modest levels รณ a $140 club member is entitled to purchase two season tickets, a $350 member four. A few $10,000 donors, the highest IPTAY level, currently are forced into the upper deck.

The intent "is to balance longevity and generosity and embrace equity," Billy D'Andrea, senior associate athletic director for external affairs, said in June. Another words pay up or shut up. Clemson officials say the move is necessary to generate more revenue during a time reduced government funding has caused steady tuition hikes (ie greed).

Clemson University is joining the other 19 schools ranked in the top 20 in the nation in average home football attendance in announcing a new seat equity plan for its season ticket holders. The plan will begin with the 2008 season, but current season ticket holders will be sent a personal letter outlining the plan during the final week of September.

This is not a reseating of Clemson Memorial Stadium...All 2007 season ticket holders will have an opportunity to maintain their current seats. But if you choose not to pay then wave those seats goodbye.

What is their reasoning you say, well here is what they said to state their case...

"First, we must be competitive with the other BCS institutions. Second, we wanted to create a plan that is fair, equitable and reasonable. Third, we wanted to provide opportunities for current donors to retain their seats, as well as provide higher giving donors the opportunity to purchase seats in the lower deck between the 25-yard lines, if available.
"Fourth, it is essential to generate revenue for IPTAY so we can continue to provide scholarships and other support for our 19 athletic programs. And, finally, we will re-evaluate the system every five years."

A copy of the 2008 IPTAY Seat Equity Plan, as well as the 2008 IPTAY Seat Equity Plan Presentation are available on-line at

$700 bucks in PSLs for a seat on the 50 yard including tix or dues...just a seat fee.

Look out South Carolina fans we are next to do the "equity" plan...thoughts?

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