Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Strippers smell like strawberries

Well I have returned back to work, which kind of sucks after being off for 8 days. Well since the regular season of college football is over, here are my questions for you to answer.

1.) Player that we will miss the most next year?
2.) Most improved player on the gamecocks
3.) Play that you think will improve the most over the off season?
4.) Who deserves national coach of the year
5.) Best overall QB in the nation
6.) Best overall RB in the nation
7.) Best overall WR in the nation

Bonus question
Favorite food on Thanksgiving


Former SC fan said...

I think we will miss MR. Newton the most next season, but I will miss Fred Bennett getting burned every game as well

Porter said...

1 newton
2 mike davis
3 mckinley
4 grobe
5 troy smith
6 AD

A-dubs said...

Lets see:
1. Newton
2. maybe cory boyd
3. Blake
4. Probably Spurrier, but not sure about others
5. Troy Smith, Ohio State
6. McFadden, Arkansas - is he a running back?
7. Sidney Rice of course
8. The gravy of course!

JR said...

1.fred bennett
2. mike davis
3.charlos thomas
4.tammy bowden ha jk, rutgers coach
5.troy smith
7. rice rice baby!


penny said...

1. velle
2. cory
3. captain
4. bob stoops
5. willie corn
6. healthy a. peterson
7. calvin johnson

after my most recent thanksgiving experience im going to go with soul food

penny said...

oh, and most exciting player of the year will have to go to wofford's nose tackle. all 5'5" of him

small guys of america said...

we beat wolford

we beat wolford
we beat wollford
we beat alford
we beat billford

reporting live from a gas station somewhere on I-77 eating Vienna sausages and checking out truck drive shower stalls.

Back to you Pickles.

Moose said...

You heard it hear first, Rich Rodriguez will leave WVU and take his running offence to Alabama; he will sign on the dotted line sometime next week.

Just wait and see.

Anonymous said...

cocktail says...
1. newton...i hate fred bennett
2. obviously, corey boyd
3. blake and smelley
4. grobe
5. hands down troy smith
6. toss up between healthy peterson and mcfadden
7. if sydney was on a top 5 team, he would be up for the heisman

Dev said...

1. Chris White
2. Blake Mitchell
3. Eric Norwood
4. Rutgers Coach or Grobe
5. Troy Smith
6. Tim Tebow (joke).. McFadden
7. Jarrett. I'm not that impressed about Sidney's whopping 9 touchdowns, especially when 5 were against Florida Atlantic. Thanks for choking against the real teams #4.

Crummy said...

1. Newton's stellar playmaking ability. I am a softie for QBs that eliminate the playcalling of one of the best coaches ever.
2. Blake - the kid went from blowing his coming out season to securing a starting spot. I guess those legal problems were the best motivater.
3. Blake
4. Greg Schiano - "Chop that wood"
5. Troy Smiff
6. Toss up between Slaton and AP. McFadden would be in there if he was actually a running back instead of an all-purpose player.
7. No standouts this year.

ritch said...

1.) Agree with Dev ---Chris White
2.) Blake
3.) Captain (next DB to NFL for SC) and Smelly
4.) Rutgers coach
5.) Guy from the Rainbows
6.) toss up between healthy peterson and slaton
7.) Jarrett

Gray said...

1. Jad Dean
2. Kenny Mckinley
3. Freddie Brown
4. Grobe
5. i'm with ya on the Hawaii QB
6. Mcfadden
7. Calvin Johnson