Wednesday, September 13, 2006

He hit me

What a tool bag, you should have just fought Blake and gone about your business. Here is your fifteen minutes of fame. enjoy it


danny ford said...

Clemson lineman fined in coach's death

The Associated Press

CLEMSON — "Clemson offensive lineman Roman Fry won't face serious charges in the accidental death of assistant track coach Jarrett Foster.

Fry has been fined $257.50 by the state Department of Natural Resources for reckless operation of a watercraft, Fry's attorney Beattie Ashmore said Wednesday.

The lawyer said the decision was reached after a month of "extensive negotiations" between DNR, Oconee County prosecutor Chrissy Adams and Ashmore. He also said Foster's family had signed off on the decision.

Fry was driving a watercraft that struck Foster in the head after the coach fell off a different watercraft on Lake Keowee on July 8.

Offensive lineman Nathan Bennett, who was driving the watercraft Foster fell from, was fined $257.50 for negligent operation of a watercraft, Ashmore said.

Foster's death was ruled accidental by the Oconee County coroner's office.

Ashmore said alcohol was not involved in the accident and that Fry passed an hour of field sobriety tests administered at the scene.

Ashmore said the decision closes the case. A message left for Adams was not immediately returned."

Anonymous said...

make love not war....or at least win football games! and that goes for both schools......Bouncer says to Mitchell..."What is the name of the freshman that is playing better than you right now?" Mitchell says to bouncer..."Momma said knock you out, dem be fight words in UGA...pop.!"

Too bad Mitchell did not have this "fight" in him against UGA...

Moose said...

that is what every blog needs a

"Momma said knock you out" reference

Joey C. said...

Hey, as far as I'm concerned, this guy helped Carolina. Now the decision is between Seville and "What's the name of the freshman"!

ritch said...

nothing like a 90's LL Cool J quote to help explain a story...and cashwell...I am glad you survived.