Monday, September 11, 2006

A bad weekend for all

What a weird weekend in football, granted Tailgating was a blast but the game sure did suck. Doing a little Monday morning quarterbacking, I should have just sold my tickets and got even drunker. Instead I went to probably one of the worst performances by a Spurrier coached team ever. Between the offensive woes and the obnoxious Georgia fans it was a great game to watch.
I should have listened to Dev, but we took shots of Fighting Cock before the game, and again we lost. The myth is true; Dev can not drink Fighting Cock @ tailgating and expect the Gamecocks to win. So if you see Dev at a game do not give him Fighting Cocks unless the game is over.

Tailgating game: If you find a minnow in the shrimp for the Beaufort stew try and sneak it into somebody’s pocket, just like I did on Saturday. Just ask Tick. He found the dead fish in his pocket 10 hour later, and believe me it did not smell good.
Well on a good note, we should have a good chance of beating Wolford and FAU, but announced today Marquee Hall is out for the season, but can apply for a medical red shirt.

Pictures to come from the food fight we called Tailgating.


ritch said...

Bad for Joe too...........Update: Tereshinski will miss four to six weeks with a high ankle sprain suffered in Saturday's win over South Carolina, the Atlanta Journal-Constitution reports.

Freshman Matthew Stafford will start next week against UAB. If Stafford plays well, it's possible Tereshinski may not get the starting job back.

Anonymous said...

any news on Gains Adams

Joey C. said...

Apologies to all for my poor performance! I hear I went past entertaining to just pathetic. Fortunately, there will not be a repeat performance. ... And, we will have a clear picture for the coming weeks! Circuits class is paying off already.

BC Headache said...

Bad is the word for USC's offense that ranks 110th out of 119 Division I-A schools in both scoring offense (7.5 points a game) and rushing offense (58 yards) label for the team is Cock n Misfire.....

Dev said...

The Fighting Cock record: 0-3

...but it's so damn good on the rocks. Scores are up.