Friday, September 15, 2006

"Back like Crack..."

That's right....Syvelle will start, if he can fit the afro in the helmet, and Cory Boyd will be taking control of the RB situation. Should be a interesting weekend and sure Smelley will get some PT.

USC’s new starters

Quarterback — Syvelle Newton
Tailback — Cory Boyd
No. 3 wide receiver — Moe Brown
Tight end — Jared Cook

Left tackle — Hutch Eckerson
Left guard — Seth Edwards
Right Guard — Garrett Anderson
Defensive tackle — Stanley Doughty
Outside linebacker — Rodney Paulk
Outside linebacker — Jordin Lindsey

---What does everyone predict will be the score? And I think Moe Brown will have a big day....


Anonymous said...

USC 35-6 over Wooford

Anonymous said...

54-13 cocks


Dev said...

9-7 Cocks

Should be a close game.. Wofford sucks and Carolina just isn't that good. I think we'll pull it out in the end because we have the Offensive Mastermind Evil Genious Darth Visor Steve Spurrier.

PS- It's easier to beat the other team when you actually score some points Steve-o.

Moose said...

when you leaving for FSU