Monday, October 26, 2009

Ten questions for last weeks college football?

1.) There are now only 7 undefeated teams, which teams has the best chance of finishing the season undefeated?

2.) Does Dan Mullen have a legit claim against the SEC officials once again screwing up a call that could have changed the outcome of a game.

3.) Is Clemson the best team in the ACC now?

4.) Do you think it would be wise for the Big 12 to realign there divisions, the Big 12 north hasn’t won the conference since 2003.

5.) Who is the best QB in the SEC, Tebow’s numbers are down but is he the best QB.

6.) This time of year, coaches start to feel the heat from AD’s about their jobs. Who is the first coach to go this year?

7.) Is Iowa for real, and do they have a legit shot at winning the National Championship?

8.) What do you consider worst, Navy beating Wake last weekend, or Army beating Vandy a couple weeks ago?

9.) If you were a NFL GM, who would you rather have on your team Mark Ingram, Tim Tebow or C.J. Spiller?

10.) Better true freshman WR through their first 8 games, AJ Green or Alshon Jeffrey?


jhunsicker said...

1)Best Chance? Boise State and Cincinnati(cause they can beat Pitt), They don't have too many tough opponents left on the schedule.

2)Of couse he does. SEC refs are stinkin it up this year.

3)No way. Clemson is better than Wake Forest though. CJ Spiller and Jacoby Ford are better than Miami. Their defense was shredded again.

4)Leave the division the way it is. Somebody from the North needs to step up and win if they are tired of losing.

5)Best QB in the SEC is def Tebow. I'll take W's over numbers any day.

6)Bobby Johnson's not going anywhere. Dan Mullens is breathing life into the State program. Petrino's Offense is clicking most Saturdays. Chizick is doing better than expected. I'd probably say Kiffin but he has a big win over UGA and they could finish strong depending on how Cromp daddy plays. Who knows????

7)Iowa is a good football team but I don't believe they will make it through the schedule undefeated.

8)Army beating Vandy. Navy pummels Army every year.

9)Mark Ingram

10)Probably give AJ Greene the nod as Jeffrey didn't get much PT until the UK game. It could be a different story if Alshon had started every game.

General Malaise said...

1. Boise State. Weakest Schedule.

2. Yes. These things will continue happening until there is a more open accoutable system.

3. No. Georgia Tech.

4. I don't think so. Nebraska and Colorado won't be terrible forever. They'll be back ... just no time soon.

5. I guess. Who else would you put there?

6. Dan Hawkins.

7. No and yes. Their schedule should allow them a good shot at getting to the championship game and then anything can happen. Remember 2002 Ohio State?

8. Army beating Vandy. Navy can be tough with that damn option.

9. Maybe Spiller.

10. AJ Green.

Moose said...

compairing AJ to Alshon so far

Green 2008 totals

56 Receptions for 963 yards and 8 TD's

Jeffrey 2009 totals so far
24 receptions for 443 years and 5 TD's

JR said...

1. Boise they play garbage the rest of the way...
2. naw still lost by double digits
3. ? VT maybe GT?
4. yeah its about time...
5. Sure why not Florida is still #1 right?
6. Hawkins
7. yeah doubt that they will lose to OSU
8. Army vs Vandy, vandy was getting better...
9. Ingram he is solid... Spiller's speed won't be seen at the next level they are all fast, i mean really have you seen Percey doing it, ok then....
10. Alshon he's just getting started and he doesn't have stafford getting him the ball either.....