Tuesday, October 27, 2009

LOHD Ballot for SEC Power Poll

1.  Alabama
Imagine if they had a passing attack...

2.  UF
The team of Urban, Tebow, Dunlap and the Refs are getting it done.

3.  LSU
Quietly taking care of buisness.

4.  S.Carolina
Winning ugly but hey it counts in the SEC.

5.  Ole Miss
They just figured out how to play offense.

6.  UT
Kiffin is earning respect more and more - NOT Lane, I meant Monte is - with a great defensive strategy each game.  Now if only they had a offense....

7.  UGA
Dawgs got some needed rest to prepare for UF and calm the flames of the fanbase.

8.  Arkansas
This team is bi-polar, flashes of greatest then flashes of horrible.

9.  MSU
Dan has quickly made past Coach Croom a distant memory.

10. UK
They beat UL - Monroe but most important is the John Wall saga in UK land.

11.  Auburn
Decided to stop playing competitive football.  No "war" in this eagle.

12.  Vandy
Vandy would be the national champions if "almosts" counted.

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