Monday, July 06, 2009

USC reveals violations to SEC & NCAA

THE STATE is reporting today that USC has reported 14 NCAA secondary violations over the past six months. Six of them were considered Level I, and submitted to the NCAA. The other eight were considered less serious and sent to the SEC.

Full list of violations---
  • January 9: Men’s Basketball prospective student-athlete was interviewed by the media during an official visit [NCAA bylaw 13.10.1] - Level II
  • January 12: Ineligible Football student-athlete was provided transportation to an away-from-home contest [NCAA bylaw] - Level II
  • January 12: 2009 Student-athlete practiced beyond the permissible 14-day period prior to being added to the squad list [NCAA bylaw 30.13] - Level II
  • January 29: Track coaches were present during voluntary athletically-related activities on one calendar day [NCAA bylaw 17.02.13] - Level I
  • January 30: Men’s Soccer student-athletes were provided an impermissible nutritional supplement [NCAA bylaw 16.5.2] - Level II
  • February 9: Student-Athletes were provided impermissible snacks during away-from-home contests [NCAA bylaw 16.5.2] - Level II
  • February 13: Men’s Basketball prospective student-athlete and current student-athletes were provided with impermissible entertainment during an official visit [NCAA bylaw] - Level I
  • March 5: Women’s Track coaching staff provided two prospective student-athletes with an official visit prior to receiving proper approval [NCAA bylaw 13.6.3] - Level I
  • March 6: Assistant Football coach sent an impermissible text message to a prospective student-athlete [NCAA bylaw] - Level I
  • March 24: Men’s Basketball complimentary admissions were not issued via the proper procedure [NCAA bylaw] - Level II
  • April 22: Impermissible complimentary admissions were provided to the Men’s Basketball NIT contest [NCAA bylaw 13.8.1] - Level II
  • May 25: Men’s Basketball prospective student-athletes were provided with impermissible hotel accommodations during an official visit [NCAA bylaw 13.6.6] - Level II
  • May 29: Football prospective student-athletes viewed a display which simulated a game day experience [NCAA bylaws & 13.7.3] - Level I
  • June 10: Men’s Swimming student-athlete participated in competition prior to being certified as eligible [NCAA bylaw 14.3.1] - Level I

Okay now move along nothing really here that is that big of a deal....sure media will spin this.


Snead said...

Two jump out at me...

"impermissible snacks"

Special brownies?!

"a display which simulated a game day experience"

Who comes up with this shit?

Anonymous said...

nicely stated Snead. I mean some of the listed is plain dumb.

Melvin said...

Thanks ....
information is good...

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