Monday, July 06, 2009

Spurrier this, Spurrier that

The Ol' Ball Coach has been at the University of South Carolina now for 5 seasons and has done well with his 28 wins heading into the 2009 season. I know 28 wins is a mere 7 per season but we are talking about my beloved gamecocks here. The 28 games USC has won during his four-year tenure are the most victories in a four-year span in Gamecock history(actually tied for wins in that span but who is really counting). I find it fascinating that each off season we hear rumbles of Spurrier leaving SC for some other school or Spurrier is growing tired of coaching and will leave soon or be forced out due to disgruntle fans like these fans are use to 9 win seasons and titles mounting up. It was just 10 years ago that USC was 0-11 in 1999. Just 10 years ago...

Let's walk down memory lane and focus on what Spurrier said when he got to SC ---

When Spurrier first arrived at SC he stated he thought he had a good 7 to 8 yrs left in him, he stated that he could not see himself coaching into his 70s and that this would be his last stop. He has turned away overtures from LSU, Miami, 'Bama and Texas A&M (the ones played out in the media). During his first tour of spring meetings, he stated that one of his coaching goals was to leave Carolina as the winngingest coach. With 28 wins in 4 seasons, he is half way there.

Year 2 has a analysis of "are we improving in the Spurrier Era?" I think we are improving but it is a slow turn around. There is no quick fix. What Spurrier inherited was not SEC elite players plus he has had to adopt to coaching college football in the 2000's. No longer can you simply "fun n gun it," at least not at Carolina. He has recruited some of the best talent Columbia has ever seen to play at USC and assembled a great crop of coaches to lead USC to gridiron glory.

I still think Steve Spurrier has what it takes to bring a SEC title to Carolina as I did when he got to Columbia. Will it be in 2009, I say unlikely but do agree with Paul Finebaum of The Mobile Press-Register who wrote that in his opinion Spurrier still has some air in the ol’ tires. While many folks are writing Spurrier off, or think Steve Spurrier is losing his mojo. Finebaum provides a warning for them: “do so at your own risk… I recently saw a man still desperately thirsting to win and still as determined as ever.”

I think Spurrier is on a mission now to prove many doubters wrong. He’s “still trying to make some history at South Carolina.” This is his new 'fire' and really it boils down to this is his last stint as a coach and he does not want to leave on a sour note. Also Spurrier is not a coach you fire, he goes out on his terms.

All of this is just some things to think about as you read THIS from Dr. Saturday today and wonder if he is in it for 'the long haul' ?

I say look to what he has said as he is a straight shooter. Seems he is at the halfway point of what he told gamecock nation from the start. I say he leaves no sooner, bearing any health or unrelated issues, before the 2011 season. If he sticks around till Dec. 31, 2011 he gets a nice million in a tax-deferred retirement package. Seems reason enough to stay - winningest coach honors, do some things at Carolina that have not been done since 1984 and a million bucks - right?

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Robert said...

Wow. OK I did not know about that "retirement package" deal. And I agree, but I'm a little less optimistic--I think Spurrier can still win, but I don't know if he will.