Thursday, July 09, 2009

3 Gamecock Newcomers that will have a Impact in '09

Let's take a look at 3 gamecock newbies that will step up and be a big factor for the gamecocks in 2009. Not saying that they will shine out of the gate but overall they are key freshman to the gamecocks chances in 2009. I think this is fairly easily to guess and I want to say the following 3 will be on the All SEC Freshman team in '09 - -

1. CB Stephon Gilmore - he may be listed as a position player in the gamecock secondary but you could see him line up in the "cocky" formation (i.e "wild hog") to make plays for the offense. This kid can do good things on either side of the ball just get him on the field. I can see Spurrier using many trick plays with Gilmore somehow. USC coaching staff has stated that he is the best CB on the team and was a Parade All-American in high school. I think he will have no problem living up to the hype as long as he does not get "cocky." He has the size to play big opposing WRs and the speed to close in.

2. WR Alshon Jeffery- now that he is officially eligible for school, he can begin to learn the gamecock system because he will have to lace up and step up for the gamecock passing attack. He is a big time WR not only because of his size at 6-3 215lbs but this kid chose USC over USC for cryin out loud. Don't see that everyday and he will be the next USC receiver to play in the NFL as he will prove why he wears #1. Stephen Garcia needs him to be all that we hope him to be as the lost of McKinley and Cook hurts the 'cock n fire' offense. But I feel Jeffery and Jason Barnes will fill in nicely with some snaps under their belts and help Garcia look good in '09.

3. SS DeVonte Holloman - has the skills coming out of high school to take over where NFL players E Cook and Captain Munnerlyn left off. He will be challenged early on as the USC secondary that is deemed a weak spot by many will have to prove to the college football world that the Carolina Defense is not suffering setbacks but rebuilding. He knows how to wrap up the ball carrier but also has good hands to pull down a INT. I think he will also add heart to the D and aid the young CBs lock it down on the field.

thoughts? Who did I overlook?


gamecock man said...

You're right that Gilmore will have the biggest impact, but I think Jarvis Giles might get more PT than Jeffery and Holloman.

Flounder said...

He is my number #4. I agree he has great upside but there is a crowded backfield in '09 (good problem to have) but do hope he can get touches as he can be the "home run" threat USC has been needing for a while now.

I envision him and future gamecock Lattimore (cross your fingers) being our own "thunder and lighting" for 2010/2011/2012.

gamecock man said...

I SO hope we can get Lattimore. With Garcia and a good o-line, Lattimore could be the guy that brings us to the next level, i. e., competing with the Gators and Dawgs. Actually, any of the guys in our backfield right now could be that guy, too. We just need o-line play and balance. The coaching and talent is here.

Flounder said...

gamecock man...i 100% agree with you as the 09 has great talent whether we talk about players or coaching staff. A balanced attack, improved decisionmaking from the qb spot and better oline play is key ingredients for success in 09.

Melvin said...

I agree with you guys...

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