Thursday, July 23, 2009

A new Gamecock Tradition with good intentions yet a bad idea

Not sure if you read the article LOHD had in its' "clips" yesterday from the Spartanburg paper but as we read through it again today and visited another blog we noticed something.

This something, which I will get to in a second, has good intentions but poor judgement. Let's be clear...we love the gamecocks and cocky. LOHD is all about some new traditions and getting new energy in the program but as we saw last year with the "cock rag" sometimes the mascot and the nickname makes it difficult.

I do like what I hear about the upgrades at Willy B with the locker rooms, lobby and recruiting room. Having a "showy" space with cool features does help lure kids in to the program. So that makes sense but what does not makes sense is what is being called the centerpiece....

In this article, it states that -

Coming this fall: A cast-bronze sculpture of a fighting gamecock that will stand guard in the middle of the lobby. Architects envision a tradition where players rub the sculpture before games or practices.

Before you insert joke....think about this one....rubbing a 'cock or a 'cock standing guard?

I am sure fans from opposing programs are going to have a hay day with this one. Again a nice attempt at something unique and catchy but at the end of the day not a wise PR move.

Thoughts or jokes you want to post???
{h/t: 850 am The Blog}

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Anonymous said...

can you use the "cocky rag" to rub the cock?