Monday, October 13, 2008

see ya

Tommy Bowden has been relieved of his duties as head coach at Clemson. News just broke after Monday staff meeting. What the hell is going on?

Inside sources tell me that a group of Trustee’s went to the president of Clemson and said it is either you or him. Somebody has got to go! I guess they decided Tommy could go, we will have to see how Dabo Swinney can do.


Anonymous said...

Fulmer next?

Bill Cowher will have a job soon.

Anonymous said...

He leaves Clemson third in school history in wins with 72, games coached with 117, and wins over top 25 teams with 13. Included in the list of ranked wins are three of Clemson’s six top 10 road wins in history. He led the Tigers with a win at ninth-ranked Georgia Tech in 2001, 10th ranked Miami (FL) in 2004 and ninth ranked Florida State in 2006.

Four of his nine previous teams finished the year ranked in the top 25 of both polls. His highest ranked team was the 2000 edition that finished with a 9-3 record and a number-14 ranking by USA Today and number-16 by Associated Press. That team began the year with an 8-0 record and reached a number-four national ranking by USA Today.

While Bowden never won the ACC Championship at Clemson, he never had a losing record in ACC play when he coached a complete season. He was 43-32 against ACC competition overall. His best ACC record was the 6-2 mark posted in 2000.

The Tigers are 3-3 so far this year, 1-2 in the ACC.

Anonymous said...

The thing that really irks me is the way Bowden apparently handled the situation - delivering the news to Cullen via voicemail (or text message, there are conflicting reports) and reportedly not getting in touch with Korn before announcing the change to the media - not to mention announcing the QB change a week in advance when it’d be a smart strategic move to hide it and keep GT guessing.

Anonymous said...

Names are being mentioned -
Bobby Johnson
Bud Foster,
Mike Leak,
Brian Van Gorder,
Jim Grobe,
Bill Cowher
Phil Fulmer

Flounder said...

Thank you anon...I am surprised they did it mid season but I feel it had to be done as it seemed Bowden was losing control of the team.

Moose/JR -- Who do you guys think will get the job? Let the Bring Back Danny chat begin.

Moose said...

one rumor I heard was Will Muschamp at Texas, he seems to qualified for the job.

Anonymous said...

Doubt Muschamp leaves Texas. They may be quietly sneaking into the national championship.

I'm actually nervous who the tiggers bring in. Bobby Johnson and Tubberville are both scary thoughts. For our sake, I hope the Auburn faithful don't make any stupid moves with their coach, especially after the collosal beatdown Alabama will put on them in the iron bowl.


JR said...

I’m hearing this from my Clemson insider...

Two options for coaches if the interim coach doesn’t work out. Texas defensive coordinator Will Muschamp and former Oakland Raiders head coach Lane Kiffin.

I also will personally junk shot the entire Clemson board, Tammy, and all IPTA members should they hire future panthers coach Bill Cowher... Please stay away from bill thanks..

Gray said...

did they really mention Brian Van Gorder! haha - that job would be in someone else's hand's in less than a week because of a better opportunity elsewhere.