Monday, January 08, 2007

Odom will be here for a little longer..

Love him or hate him....he is here to stay a "wee" bit longer. The University of South Carolina men's basketball coach Dave Odom, who had one year left on his contract after this season, received a two-year contract extension today. Along with the extension, the terms of the buyout were changed in the final year of the contract. Under Odom's old contract, both sides have to pay the other $250,000 for each year remaining on the contract. That remains the same except for the final year, when USC would be liable for only $50,000 if it fired Odom and Odom would have to pay school the same amount if he left for another job. Odom, 64, would not have to pay USC anything if he retired before the contract runs out.
There were no changes to Odom's compensation package. Odom has a base salary of $170,242 along with guarantees for television and radio shows and an apparel stipend totaling $525,000. It includes incentives that make the contract potentially worth more than $900,000.

Odom is 110-72 in six years at USC, although the Gamecocks have made the NCAA tournament only once. Also, USC's best showing in the SEC was an 8-8 finish in 2003-04 when the program made its only trip to the NCAAs under Odom.

Thoughts? Good move for USC?


Moose said...

If Odom can coach up these transfers next year and bring in a big man for once, it will be good for USC. Stability looks good in a program that is moving forward, so far we seem to be sputtering like Lou Holtz’s 1980 Honda.

Anonymous said...

it is all about continuity...good for program and the future of SC b-ball.