Thursday, January 11, 2007

More on SC Recruiting...

Let's keep this developing story going on how the Univ of South Carolina is on the verge of landing a Top 10 recrutitng class and by some experts a Top 5 class. I have written previous blogs which mention a certain "wow" factor that the current SC recruits have which can be read here or you can read another blog post about this subject from back in December here.

Back in December, ESPN analyst Tom Luginbill had South Carolina rated as the number 5 Top Recruiting Football Class for 2007. Well ... now we are Number 4 in his Top 5 classes. Let's all say a pray tonight that South Carolina lands Carlos Dunlap, DE -- rated by everyone in the Top 5 to 10 in the country and listed by most as the number 1 or 2 DE in the nation.

Also in The State, it is reported that Clifton Geathers, the top-rated South Carolina high school prospect in 2006, will enroll this week at USC, according to his father. The 6-8, 293-pound Geathers currently is ranked as the No. 12 prep school prospect in the nation by This kid turned in a time of 4.8 seconds in his most recent 40-yard dash.

(Alright....he is 6 foot 8 and is near 300 pounds and runs a 4.8 in the 40. Can we say this guy is a beast? At DE, I think USC could use him....just hope that this does not affect Dunlap. But could you imagine having Dunlap, Geathers, Matthews and Robertson on Defense. WOW! )

Tom Luginbill's Top Five 2007 Classes as of 1/10/07

1. Notre Dame
2. Texas
3. USC
4. South Carolina
5. Florida

Also over at They have South Carolina at the 10 spot. Look at how they rank them.

2007 Football Recruiting Rankings as of 1/10/07
1 Texas
2 Tennessee
3 Florida
5 Southern Cal
6 Notre Dame
7 Georgia
8 Nebraska
9 Michigan
10 South Carolina

Side note --- has the other school -Clemson at number 18 out of the Top 25 classes.



Gray said...

very impressive year so far with a few more big names out there such as Chris culliver and the 2 players from St. Augenstine FL. still planning on committing. One is a 3 star while the other is a 4 according to rivals. How acurrate are the Espn recruiting sites as far as guaging high school talent? I have always been under the impression that Rivals is the top tier ranking service

Moose said...

ESPN has one of the best recruiting websites since there writers are all either old coach's or talent scouts for major programs.

Spurrier is doing a great job building for the future. Hopefully the Juco guys will be able step right in like Jasper and Casper and perform on a SEC level.

Watch out gator's, the cocks are coming.

Anonymous said...

take both the espn and rivals for what they are worth. Both are good measures for where the school is on the recruiting boards. The good thing to take away from this post is that the SC program is ranked in the top 10 in two of the best sites in the nation. Things be changing is the sEC world.