Monday, January 08, 2007

Bored at Work? Check this out...

I know from time to time those of our readers who work for "da man," get bored at work and will look for things to kill time with. Well, here is something to check out. Google, the company wanting to take over the internet (and world), has another cool feature if there ever comes a time you are bored or really interested in who patented what in this world. Google's new patent search is amazingly distracting and interesting.

Keeping with its mission to organize the world's information, Google recently introduced its patent search feature recently, which is an entertaining way to dig through years and years of inventors' ideas. You can find who thought up the paper clip, created the knit boxer short or, possibly prompted by a bad rainy-day experience, masterminded the umbrella. There are some wonderfully simple creations, such as: the drum and the bottle (these are the type things you wonder---why didn't I think of that? Like the "chip clip" for bags of snack chips.

I think one of the best features is it helps to kill time at work or satisfy that curiosity in life. Any thoughts or ideas?

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Moose said...

Awesome, I just found some of my Dad's patents from back in the day.