Friday, December 14, 2007

USC baseball - Top 5 program in the Southeast

According to, North Carolina is the top program in the Southeast, followed by Miami and then the University of South Carolina, then Clemson University and in fifth position is Florida State.

I say that Tanner has done a wonderful job and I must agree with list above concerning top college baseball programs in the Southeast. UNC has been to the big dance a lot lately and Miami has a great track record. USC and Clemson are two of the best and I love when they go head to head. When Tanner (notice I said when and not if) wins the national championship, I see them moving up the list.

I think USC should give Ray Tanner a lifetime contract, like Duke did for Coach K, granted it is more "fluff" at the end of the day but I think he deserves it. If we ever lose him.....I don't want to even think about that....Hyman do your job and keep Tanner at USC.

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