Saturday, December 15, 2007

Ol' Bennett...

Where art thou Fred Bennett? LOHD had a love / hate relationship with Mr. Bennett. But we are glad to see that he is doing well in Houston and not playing crappy defense, which it seemed at times he did a lot of at USC.

Bennett has three interceptions in the last five games. As you know, Bennett is a rookie this season and has had a good campaign in 07. He took the starting cornerback job away from veteran DeMarcus Faggins and has been Houston's best defender in the secondary after Dunta Robinson (another ex-USC DB) was lost for the year. He has played in 9 games and recorded 41 tackles to go along with those 3 INTs.

We here at LOHD wish him continued success but boy do we miss yelling at him during games!!!

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wing man said...

Well if Fred could come back and take his buddy carlos with him for the off season and teach him how to cover. That would be great for next season.