Monday, November 05, 2007

Question of the Day

It is time to be honest today and let's throw out a question that we are all thinking after USC's third straight loss. This ties the second-longest losing streak in Spurrier's coaching career. USC also lost three in a row last year, as did Florida in 1999. Spurrier's longest losing streak was four in his first year at Duke in 1987. Anyway, Here is the burning question of the day:

Which is more likely to happen?

1. USC will win against Florida, but lose to Clemson.
2. USC will win against Clemson, but lose to Florida.
3. USC will win their last two games of the season.
4. USC will lose their last two games of the season.

Let's hear your answer by posting some comments.


Steve Spurrier said...

with the pussies here at south carolina you better not get your hopes up for another 10 years...

bye bye Bowl game said...

typical carolina season that starts off with high hopes but ends with "wait till next year"

prediction: we lose the last 2 games of the season and are not invited to a bowl game.

back to the future said...

We need to get a up and coming coach not a has been. But the way the AD's work with basketball and football my guess for our next football coach will either be Joe Paterno or Bobby Bowden. Basketball we will hire Tubby Smith.

i hate clemson said...

back to the future, you sound like a clemson fan. We lose and you are ready to fire the coach. Yeah we got beat, and we probably will lose our last 2 games but come on.