Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Is it too early?

To think Basketball?

Gamecocks routed Guilford 99-63 on Monday night at the Colonial Center and the point total was USC’s most since 2002 in any game, exhibition or regular season. Last year, during a low-scoring, low-winning season, the Gamecocks only hit 90 once, and that was in overtime. The game also marked the debuts for the team’s seven newcomers, and two of them showed whey they were so heralded. I know....it was just an exhibition game and the opponent was a Division III team....but Carolina won. I do like the fact that the smaller lineup produced plenty of steals and up-tempo play, and the shot clock an afterthought....which is not like Odom in the past and God I hope he let's them play this year and the "3 pass before you shoot" plays are not ran as much this year.


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