Tuesday, November 06, 2007

“crappy job”

That is putting it nicely Mr. Nix (his quote in The State newspaper describing the defense play against Ark). I am not ready to start talking like this -here; as I feel (and I guess it is the Carolina fan in me, you know the "wait till next year" talk we have all grown accustomed too) that our best football is ahead of us.

I know we have the "great and mystical" Steve Spurrier and we should win every game according to some but let's keep in mind that half of USC’s 22 starters against Arkansas were underclassmen. Another words we are still in the "re-building" phase of our program, still have some of Holtz players in the mix and it is only his 3rd year. He is trying to change the culutre around USC and I think he is slowly starting too. I do feel that this 3 game losing streak is not helping things and we need a win (not only to assure a bowl trip) to help bring our team back together. You could see some of the finger pointing going on in the Arkansas game between the defense unit/players and the offensive...heck, even Spurrier could be seen yelling at the special teams coach. I really thought that we could win 8 maybe 9 games this year but keep in mind we had the 2nd hardest schedule to start the season and we have lost Jasper on the defense. I guess I should stop making excuses but I do feel the best Carolina football is ahead of us.
Oh and somehow we are still in the hunt for the SEC East according to this -here. Thoughts?

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