Friday, October 12, 2007

Things to say to your Clemson Co-Workers

Some of you may have seen this come through your email box recently and we try to steer away from posting stuff like that on the site but this was too good to pass up.

Below are lines to use today in talking about Clemson Football with your co-workers:

-"Hey look at the bright side, you guys have two weeks to prepare for Central Michigan."

-"You know take away all three of VT's defensive and special teams touchdowns you guys win like 50-3, at least according to Bowden."

-"Hey I didn't get to see your game last week but I did watch the Tommy Bowden show, congrats on the 23-0 win."

-"Notre Dame had more rushing yards than Davis/Spiller did last weekend."

-"Hey at least your kicker was perfect on FG's last weekend."

-"Just curious, does this put you guys completely out of the national championship picture?"

-"I see where Bowden compared himself to Mark Richt and Mack Brown, that's gotta make you feel some better that he's on par with those guys eh?"

-"Weren't you guys favored to win your last two games?"

-"Hey look at the bright side, you were 1 point away from winning the ACC championship last year according to Tommy Bowden"

-"Look at the bright side, you guys will not lose this weekend."

-"Seems like again Tommy blew the season...doesn't this happen every year?"

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