Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Time is on your side, yes it is

LSU can be a dangerous place at night. I have visited the hell hole they call Baton Rouge and survived but prefer not to go back. There has been a lot of talk the past two days about the upcoming game since Carolina knocked off UGA. I am not sure what LSU has to be worried about other then the time of game. For some reason those drunken Cajuns hate playing day games. LSUSports.net reports that” Since 1960, LSU is 202-59-3 (.771) at night in Tiger Stadium compared to a 19-22-3 (.432) record during the day over that span." So does CBS control the outcome of the game or is it all just hype? LSU fans really want a night game and are going crazy on a couple messages boards about it.

Check it out.

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