Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Oh it is on

"Everybody has been saying we could be the next App State," he added. "I really agree. I really feel like we can beat these cats." Xavier Littleberry former Clemson player and current SC State Bro Dog player. He is still fired up about the brawl. Check it out.

Another good quote from Littleberry "My true pass-rush skill is going to shine this game," he continued. "If (Mitchell) wants to have a big game, I don’t think he should hold the ball for more than three or four seconds because I am most definitely coming. I watched film on both of their tackles, I play right end, but their left tackle -- he looked athletic -- but he is still, my speed -- I am 260 pounds and I run a low 4.6 40. He is 300-something pounds, and I am going to try to make him work this game."

Article from by Brian linder


party in your pants said...

Clemson freshman DE Xavier Littleberry was arrested Monday for assault and battery of a female at her University of South Carolina dorm room. Police noted abrasions and swelling on her face and a rip in her sweater.

He also flashed his Berries to a hotel maid while at Clemson.

class act

Strahan sack man said...

what a joke his goal is to get 4 sacks against us. Ask UGA how they did in that feat as a team. Also let's check the stats from last week and see what he did...
1.5 sacks in last week’s 24-13 win over Bethune-Cookman.

I can already tell the USC o-line is real concerned about this...(notice the sarcasm)

Anonymous said...

What an idiot. That article really is amazing. He had D-1 offers after getting booted from Cleminal U? I doubt it. I didn't think I'd have a reason to dislike SCSU this week, luckily Xavier Dingleberry is my man.