Friday, August 31, 2007

Friday Poll Question

1)Will the Gamecocks cover the spread against UL - Lafayette, which is at 29 points right now?

2) Who will end up with more rushing yards for the UL-Laf game: Cory Boyd or Mike Davis?

3) Will the combo of Beecher and Smelley throw for over 300 yards on Saturday?

4) Who will win on Monday, Clemson or FSU?


Cocktail said...

1.)Hope so but doubt it
$.)FSU big

JR said...

1. Yes John you little bitch
2. Maddox will have more than both
3. Yes each should throw for over 1 buck fifty
4. FSU and the tammy twist starts

Cory Boyd said...

1. damn right
2. me, what kind of question is that
3. maybe, depends on how ugly it gets
4. FSU

Psycho Cocky said...

1. Nope. I'd say 24 pts.
2. Cory
3. Nope. Lots of runnng against U-La-La.
4. Hopefully Papa Bowden. FSU by 10.

Anonymous said...

Jared...don't use my name!!! i am going to pour mayo on u.

JR said...

Jarod Is JR and No Other Bitches !