Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Are you fired up?

In 4 days we will be drinking in the hot sun singing Irish tones about drunken lads waiting to walk to the concrete castle we call Williams Brice. With the site of drunken college kids dressed up for there Saturday ritual that can only take place in the south during the fall. Sundresses, bow ties, flip-flops and boat shoes will all be worn with Gamecock visors and “Beat the Cajun’s” stickers handed out by our own cheerleaders. The bourbon and beer will be flowing, as the smoke from grills rises in the air, chicken wings, burgers and brats are tossed on the flames as “GAME” and “COCKS” is yelled from parking lot to condo thru out the crossroads of Bluff and George Rogers roads.

What is your football superstition? Do you always wear the same hat until Carolina loses, or do you always drink the same beer before every game?

What will be your first alcoholic beverage at tailgating this year?

Did you go out and buy a new Under Armor gamecock shirt, or are you going with old faithful for the first game?

Also some news out of Alabama, as a 4th player has been arrested and Saban is yet to suspend one of them


Gray said...

Saban must be trying to score the lead part for Grid Iron Gang - 2

Cocktail said...

i am rocking the new under armour jersey...with black high tops

Moose said...

I am thinking Jorts with a cut off Cory Body Jersey and a straw hat might be the way to go.

Moose said...


Did you see the real footage from the gridiron gang, that guy had a pretty impressive mullet. He might get the LOHD “best mullet in a sports movie”